Deep Dive: The New Admin Settings in Nintex for Office 365 – Part II

Deep Dive: The New Admin Settings in Nintex for Office 365 – Part II

In our last post, we reviewed this new concept of Nintex Administrator in Office 365. In particular we saw how Nintex Adminstrators can restrict the workflow publishers. If you missed it, I´d recommend starting from the previous post, here below the link:


As a Nintex Adminsitrator there is another thing you can control in your Nintex tenant, the ability to create Tenant-Wide connections. Let´s quickly see it in this post.

Up until now, from our Connections section there was the possibility to create a shared connection with a variety of scope options (list/site/site collection). For some customers it´s enough as they have only one or a handful number of site collections, but for some other big deployments they might have hundreds of site collections. For that reason, now Nintex is introducing the Tenant-wide connection, to create the connection once and use it across all site connections.

How to Create a Tenant-Wide connection

To create a Tenant-Wide connection you just basically have to take one of your existing shared connections and promote it to tenant connection.

If you remember, at the begining of this year we released our Connection Manager, which basically gives us the ability to create connections (URLs and credentials) and share them with our users. For more details about the connection manager just check out the series of posts this year about it.

First, go to the Connections section in your Workflow Gallery and from your list of existing connections there, choose the connection you want to make tenant-wide. For that just simply click on the three ellipsis and select edit. This will open up the settings for that connection.

From there, you´ll see in the Available In line that there´s a new option: Tenant. Click on it and that will turn this connection Tenant-wide, available everywhere in your tenant.

Again, this type of connection can be only created by a Nintex admin. Notice as well that, by default, when selected, the tenant option will make only the Nintex admin creating that connection the only one who can see it. To change it, simply change the Users with access option to all users or add individually the users you want to make this connection available in all the tenant.

So, as you can see with this new concept of Nintex Administrator we´re going to have more and more control over our users and Nintex assets. And there´s more to come… Stay tuned!

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