ESPC 2018 @ Copenhagen

ESPC 2018 @ Copenhagen

I’ve just come back from Copenhagen where I’ve been attending the European SharePoint Conference (ESPC) with my team.
This year Nintex didn’t have a booth but our friends of Beezy invited me to theirs, which was great as it allowed me to tell the great story and use cases we’ve got in common between Beezy and Nintex to everyone who came over our booth.

Overall it was a good event, mostly for technical people but nevertheless interesting to catch up with the latest and greatest of Microsoft and have interesting conversations with people across Europe. There was also time for fun and on Wednesday we attended the ESPC party, sponsored by Beezy and Nintex, at Wallmans the Circus Building where I had the opportunity to catch up with some good friends of the SharePoint community. And to be honest, best party of all the ESPC conferences I’ve attended the last years.

The last day I was co-presenting a speaking session with my dear friend Maximo Castagno, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Beezy. In our session, A digital workplace where users take actions, Max was reviewing the evolution of the Digital Workplace (the good-old fashioned Intranet) in the last 20 years and, quite surprisingly, he made us notice that very little has changed around this topic. At the same time Max shared with us his own vision and explained how individual emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, cognitive services or automation tools are not revolutionary per se, it’s the right combination of them what can make a solution truly revolutionary.

This is how, for instance, the use of the Microsoft Bot Framework, Cognitive Services and APIs integration, all of them orchestrated with Nintex Workflow can make of Beezy a great solution for a Digital Workplace.

And to prove that, during my part I was showing the audience the technical backstage of some of the good use cases of Beezy using Nintex Workflow Cloud. Very briefly I reviewed with the audience our Xtensions connector, how we created the Beezy Connector for NWC and how to use the Microsoft Adaptive Cards from a Nintex Workflow to pop up action cards in Beezy. So, in a nutshell, it was a good combination between business and technical to explain our unique vision of a Digital Worplace relying on process automation.
I leave you guys below the slides of our presentation in case you’d like to have a look.
So, great week at Copenhagen and now looking forward to ESPC 2019… at Prague!

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