File and Folder ID in BOX now supported in Nintex Workflow Cloud

File and Folder ID in BOX now supported in Nintex Workflow Cloud

Today’s new release of Nintex Workflow Cloud (NWC R54) comes with very good news for those of you using NWC for BOX.

Now, the actions in the BOX connector accept the File or Foler ID as parameters to identify and work with files and folders. And, as you can see in the examples below, the new feature has been added to the actions, it’s not replacing the previous option of the action working with the objects paths. So, if you were already using BOX actions in your workflow with paths don’t panic, you won’t have to change anything.

This new features comes as a response to the feedback we’ve received during the last months from customers and partners asking for a way to interact with BOX objects using the file and folder ID. From here I’d like to thank my product team at Nintex, for the great job they’ve done here and the quick reaction to the BOX and Nintex users (me included :))

Why is this Important?

You might be wondering why some of us were asking for this feature, why do we need the File and/or the Folder ID if we can use the Path?

Well, that’s correct, the path can be a way to interact with BOX objects, actually, from the end user perspective using the Path the user can navigate throught the folders structure and specify the file of folder he/she wants to interact with. The path is more user friendly, much better option than memorizing an ID to locate your folder. On the other hand,  if you’ve played already a little bit with the BOX API you’ve probaby realized that the ID is the preferred method to interact with BOX objects, especially in more complex scenarios. Here are some examples of the scenarios in which using the file and folder ID is required:

  • Keep the relationship between workflow and folder when the folder is moved or renamed. For instance when you’ve got a workflow in a folder triggering when a new file is added.
  • Keep the relationship between workflow and file when the file is moved or renamed. A good example is when you store your Doc Templates for Document Generation and you modified the documents.
  • Issues with special characters in file or folder names.
  • Integration scenarios of Systems of Records using the BOX API to include the display of files or folders. For instance, if you use Salesforce and and embed BOX in the page layout of the object that requires using files and folders ID.

So, in summary, great feature for the BOX and Nintex integration, this is definetily going to boost the process automation bit to the BOX platform.

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