Innovation Talks @ Konica Minolta Portugal

Innovation Talks @ Konica Minolta Portugal

Yesterday I was invited to present one of the Innovation Talks with Konica Minolta at Lisbon, in their Innovation Center.

The Innovation Talks Series is a monthly event that Konica Minolta organizes in Portugal for their customers and prospects and the goal is to provide them with an overview of the technologies that can help driving Digital Transformation to their organizations. And this month was the turn for Nintex.

From here I just want to thank the lovely people in the Lisbon office of Konica Minolta, everything was perfectly organized: packed room, great venue, very interactive audience… and awesome food.

This time around my presentation was trying to explain what’s the role of automation in the Digital Automation strategy or an organization. I also prepared for them a demo scenario. I picked up the traditional HR Recruitment process and I automated it using the whole Nintex Platform: Forms, Workflow, Doc Gen and Hawkeye. I showed them how in this process we can have different actors (the candidate, the HR team and the Legal Team) interacting with different technologies (web site, gmail, Office 365, Box and Adobe Sign) and how NWC was orchestrating the whole process.

But the fun part was the challenge I proposed them with this process: Given that this is a Recruitment Process I tried to challenge them with the following question: what could have happened this summer if we had tried to hire Cristiano Ronaldo for our company before joining Juventus? We might have not been able to compete with the salary offer but for sure it would have been much quicker!! I showed them how to do it in 15 min!

If anyone is interested I leave you here the presentation. Now time to get back to cold London… hope to get back soon to Lisbon!

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